Data and Field Lab

The analysis based on existing data or secondary data sources is crucial to any study but may not necessarily be sufficient for providing a holistic picture. For a comprehensive evaluation, a well-grounded analysis and insights are imperative.

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With IMPRI’s evidenced perseverance and expertise in this field, Gen Alpha DC aims to provide the following high-quality and cost-effective data solutions:

  • Secondary data collection and analysis
  • Primary Data Collection (Remote and in-person surveys)
  • Data Management
  • Basic and Advanced Data Analytics
  • Data Visualisation and Inference
  • Data Presentation
  • Report Preparation

Field Lab

The pandemic made it necessary to follow restrictions and safety guidelines, and we adapted efficiently with a collective effort.

We carried out telephonic surveys to assess the implications of the health crisis and lockdown on the marginalised populations of our country. These recent surveys are:


The FieldLab team comprises Consultants with vast experience in field research, from India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

In India, we are involved in a more in-depth exercise, with Region Experts spread across the country.

Data Lab

With demonstrated experience in data analysis and its surrounding processes, IMPRI has set up a Data Lab at Gen Alpha DC.

Processing and analysis of a high quality are at the heart of this endeavour.

Gen Alpha DC would also provide datasets and factsheets on a vast range of topics.